I bought my first ETF today

Today I bought 54 shares of NYSE:KBE. It doesn't quite fit into my investment strategy of index mutual funds but I recently liquidated some shares in my IRA and didn't quite have $2500 (which is the smallest minimum investment for most mutual funds). I had several criteria for choosing this etf:

  1. Liquidity: 4.47 million avg volume
  2. Undervalued: The financial sector is one of the few that hasn't recovered since the 2008 crash
  3. Index Fund: It follows the KBW Bank Index
  4. Low management fees: expense ratio of 0.35% 
  5. Dividends: yield of .75,  I'd prefer something closer to 2%, but I compromised because the dividend yield was higher pre-2008. 
Wish me luck, we'll see if the financial sector rebounds. 

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