No more haircuts!

Do you know what the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is?

About two weeks. 

I used to give myself haircuts back in high school when I wanted a mohawk or some other crazy style. I did this mainly because I knew my mom would never pay for someone else to do it, so I had to get creative. Occasionally I would give myself a more normal haircut (usually when my mom strongly, umm, encouraged me to). It was easy to learn. I watched how the barber did it, got some clippers, arranged the mirrors and went to town. Luckily for me I'm a guy so if I screwed up too badly I could just shave it off, no big loss.

Anyways, this weekend I found the clippers and decided I'd save the $15. It turned out fine, only one chunk missing (the girlfriend found a spot I missed and, ahem...,  "trimmed" it. Love you babe!). This may be harder to get away with if you're a woman, but I'd guess it would save you a lot more than $15 too. Also, if you cut all your kids' hair you could quickly multiply your savings.

On to the money:
Haircut every 2 months: 6 x $15 = $90 per year saved.
Hours worked equivalent: (After all deductions) About  6

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