Starting Net Worth Snapshot

Below is my present state of affairs. The idea here is to identify exactly where I am at financially and then to identify where I want to be. Knowing where I'm at now is the easy part, nailing down where I want to be can be... daunting.

Financial Profile
Age: 26, working full time for 16 months
Salary: $63,000 (OT, bonus, profit sharing, 401k match included)
Assets: $29,100
Debts: $6,900
Net worth: $22,200

Asset Profile
401K & IRA: $15,100
Automobile: $8000
Cash: $6000

Debt Profile
School Loan: $5750 (three loans with different interest rates, weighted mean interest rate of 5.23%) 
Credit Card: $1150 ( 7.5% APR, I pay it off every month)

Automated Saving
20% 401K contribution (more to come on my retirement savings plan later) 

That's where I'm at! I'm still working out my strategy at the moment, there will be spreadsheets coming soon.

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